Looking to build up your stationery collection and want something a touch more unique?


Take a look at our new 3-piece pencil set today. You’ll receive a package of top quality pencils, each of which is gold foil stamped and 2B, hexagonal, graphite pencils.


Each pencil comes with a pink eraser included with a golden clamp, too, helping you to perfect your work and get the ideal finish to any project. The pencils are provided unsharpened as standard, too, so you can easily sharpen each pencil to the level that you are most comfortable using.


We have designed the pencil imagery to go with a very particular message: being unapologetically proud of your race and your origins. Your red pencil will carry the phrase “Unapologetically Me”, while the black pencil says “I Am Black Excellence”. The green pencil says “Hella Black, Hella Proud”.

Ibere Pencil Pack

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